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Mindful Mama Moment #4

Lather up!

Take some time today for yourself. For moms, sometimes that means just finding a few minutes to have a shower. I know what you’re thinking. Maybe you haven’t showered in 4 days. You never get a chance because someone is always screaming in the background. Or poking their head around the shower curtain. When the baby is napping, there’s dishes, laundry, tidying… I get it.

But listen, you are important too. Feeling refreshed is an important part of getting through the day. So while you’re in the shower today, notice how the water feels on your body. Lather up that shampoo and give yourself a nice head massage. What do you smell? Notice the sensation of the soap in your hair. What sounds do you hear from the suds and water. Deeply inhale the moist, hot air. Close your eyes just for a moment and enjoy the sounds and sensations.

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