You are not a bad mom!

Being a mom can come with so many unexpected emotions. We often prepare ourselves for the birth, gather all the supplies we need for Baby, and dream about holding our new little one close to our hearts. Reality can sometimes look quite different from our expectations, and this can lead to disappointment. You might be surprised to find yourself feeling sad, angry, overwhelmed, so very tired, and so much in love with your baby all at the same time.

Mama's Mood Group is for women who are struggling to find the joy in their lives as mothers. We talk about the unhelpful thoughts that can take over our minds, and how to change these into more helpful thoughts. We share our joys, frustrations and worries, and we help to carry each other through.

Some of the most common questions about Mama's Mood Group:

1. I don't have a new baby, but I'm pregnant/have older kids. Can I still come to group?
 Absolutely! Past participants of this group have ranged from women pregnant with their first baby, women expecting their second (or third) baby and want to prepare for their postpartum, women with toddlers and preschoolers who still struggle, and everything in-between.

2. Can I bring my baby?
Babies are most welcome at group. If you have older children, please find alternate care for them as our space is small, and toddlers can distract you from being able to get the most out of group.

3. Why should I go to group therapy instead of individual therapy?
Group therapy is a great way to be with others who are having a similar experience. The most common feedback I receive from group members is that it was such a relief to learn that they are actually not alone in their experiences. Group therapy is also good value for your money. The cost works out to less than $45 per 90-minute session, which is a lot less than individual therapy. Social work services are covered by most benefits plans, so please check to see if you can be reimbursed for the cost.

4. How many spots are available?
Group is limited to 6 women. I like to keep things small and intimate.

5. Will I be judged for my thoughts/feelings/parenting choices/not having the energy to shower today?
Nope. Mama's Mood Group is a judgement-free zone. We set out group expectations on the first day to make sure everyone can feel safe and comfortable to share their experiences and give and receive support. 

6. I haven't been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, I'm not on medication, and/or I don't have thoughts of harming myself or my baby. Is this group still for me?
Not all women have a diagnosis, and not all women have thoughts of harm. Most of us do struggle at one point or another with guilt, worry, or feeling overwhelmed as a mother. We talk about all these topics in group, and more.

Details of this session of Mama's Mood Group

Location: Vesta Shop
797 Talbot St., St. Thomas

When: Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:30pm
November 14 - December 19, 2018

Cost: $250 (payable by cash, e-transfer, cheque or credit card)

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