Perinatal Mental Health Workshop for Service Providers

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in your practice, you see new parents and babies all the time

You see these parents in your office or in their homes. They're sleep deprived, yet they force a smile and say, "I'm fine" when asked how they're doing. You might be left with a nagging feeling that everything is not actually fine. But you're not sure how to ask them how they're really doing, or even whether you should. And if one of them was to say they're really not doing well, where would you even direct them?

This workshop will provide an overview of how to recognize when a new parent is struggling, what questions to ask, and where to send them for help. We'll also discuss traumatic birth experiences, and why they way you treat your patients or clients might need to be adapted in certain circumstances.



Workshop details:

January 29, 2019
Location: The Living Room Lambeth
Cost: $25

Eventbrite - Perinatal Mental Health Workshop for Service Providers